A Document Production You Can Believe In

Required Reading Prior to my Document Production Seminar

The Florida Litigator

Recent news in South Florida tells the sad story of a law firm involved in the defense of a major fraud case on behalf of a well-known local bank which was slammed with a $67 million jury verdict after trial.  If that wasn’t bad enough, after the verdict came down, it came to light that the bank failed to produce certain critical documents which plaintiff’s counsel believed would have altered the verdict and made plaintiff’s award even higher had the Jury seen them.  If you were the lawyer responsible for supervising and implementing the document production in this case, and this issue came to light after the trial, there may be only one thing left for you to do – quit your job.  How could you prevent such a debacle?  Read on.

  1. The Dreaded Document Request

There is  probably nothing that a litigator likes less than receiving the dreaded “Request…

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