The Discovery of Private Financial Information in Commercial Litigation – Are your Secrets Safe and, if so, Until When ?

The Florida Litigator

     Imagine that you are a Plaintiff in a very large, complicated, and potentially, very expensive commercial litigation matter.   You meet with your attorney to discuss the case.   You review the facts.   You ask the attorney how much it will cost and, of course, the attorney declines to describe with certainty the ultimate cost of the case.   It depends, she explains, on various factors outside of her control, mostly relating to the reaction/behavior of the other party and their attorney after they are sued. She assures you, however, that it will be expensive.   There will be pleadings to be filed, discovery to be requested, depositions to be taken and, potentially, a very long trial.

            Naturally, you ask her –  what are your chances of winning ?   Once again, your attorney demurs explaining, instead, that it is too soon to determine the answer to that question.   That will depend…

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