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Representing a debtor in a Florida collection action, in which your client is the head of his or her household, is usually fairly straightforward.  Your client resides in a debtor’s  haven.  In Florida, it is difficult for creditors to reach your client’s assets if she is the head of household.  In Florida, there is an exemption from garnishment statute that limits the ability of creditors to garnish the wages of someone who is determined to be a “head of household.”  F.S. §222.11 (2012).  In order to avoid the effect of this statute, a creditor must obtain from the debtor an explicit waiver.

Florida also frowns upon certain common collection devices used in other states known as “Confessions of Judgment.”   If you live in New York, for example, a creditor can have your client sign a Confession of Judgment and, in the event of a default on a loan, can march…

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